Secure Ordering Now Online

Further to our last newsletter which described our new secure server, we're pleased to welcome West Barnes Enterprises as our first client to offer secure online ordering to their clients.

West Barnes, whose main business is the sale of picture frames, also supply prints for framing and other decorative purposes; they're making their range of Anton Pieck prints available to customers around the world through their online ordering pages.

The ordering system can deal with orders from UK and foreign customers, and calculate shipping and VAT costs accordingly. It offers a choice of secure and insecure online ordering (not all browsers support secure ordering, although most modern browsers do), along with an option to print out an order form for later use if the customer wishes to pay by cheque or money order.

The pages are easily updatable, as they're generated from a database rather than coded individually, so changes will immediately be reflected in the pages that are visible online.

To see the system in action - and, perhaps, to order some prints yourself - the URL is