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In most houses there's a drawer, a book or just a collection of random pieces of paper which contains the Tip List. You know the one I mean; it's got the instructions for programming the central heating, the list of which wine goes with which food, and the pattern for a stuffed mouse for Tiddles all jumled together., subtitled "The Ability Utility", are making an effort to bring some of this domestic wisdom online where it can be more easily found and used. Their "2Torials" contain useful hints and tops for common situations; how do you burp a baby? How do you separate eggs? How do you open a coconut?

Each tip is illustrated, and some have animations to clarify the most important points. There's also a handy summary giving an idea of how long the task will take, and what items you'll need to have to hand; much like a well-organised recipe book, in fact.

Currently Learn2 have about fifty tips on various topics. Some of them are rather specific to America (most UK drivers wouldn't need to learn how to drive a car with a manual transmission, and neither would your average British kid want to know how to break in a baseball mitt), but the rest are more generally useful, such as advice for someone trying to cope with a crying child, or for those wanting to hide their valuables before going away.

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