Election Site Special

It can hardly fail to have escaped your notice that, in just a few short weeks, we shall all be offered the opportunity to choose our next Government.

Since we have already covered the Web sites belonging to the main political parties ("The Politics of Websites", in Blazon issue 4), we won't repeat that here; instead, we'll point you at a single site belonging to Mike Unwin, which contains links to just about every political party currently active in the UK.

Three election-related sites are fighting it out for the majority vote at this time; the Election 97 site, General Election 97 (yes, two different sites) and the BBC site.

The Election 97 site at includes profiles on each of Britain's 641 constituencies, along with an A-Z of British Politics to allow you to check back on any of the electoral jargon that passed you by. General Election 97, at, includes information from Compuserve and Yahoo UK, and appears to concentrate more on news stories and bringing information from other sites together than on interactivity. The BBC site includes details of TV and radio coverage of the election -- as one might expect -- and also offers you an interactive 'swingometer' for your chance to emulate Peter Snow. Finally, it boasts a searchable database of all the candidates standing throughout the UK.

Other relevant sites include Julian White's UK Politics page, which includes pointers to local council information as well as nationally-relevant information; David Boothroyd's British Election page, which includes results and statistics from elections of previous years; UK Citizens Online Democracy, which aims to increase use of the Internet in the democratic process; and the home page for 'UK-Elect', an election-forecasting program.

Mike Unwin's site:

Election 97:

General Election 97:

BBC election site:

Julian White's UK politics page:

David Boothroyd's British Election page:

UK Citizens Online Democracy:

UK-Elect home page: