We Are On The Web

One of the major Internet news events of the last month was the inauguration of the official Royal Family World Wide Web site. The Queen unveiled it while visiting a school; for the next few days thereafter the server on which the Royal site was housed was almost inaccessible to the outside world, as thousands of Royal-watchers around the globe clamoured to find out more about our monarchy. (The actual URL of the site was kept a closely-guarded secret beforehand, to stop hopefuls getting a sneak preview.)

Announced shortly before the officialRoyal site was the Daily Mail's '' site. This site provides some information free of charge, but requires a subscription for access to the majority of information. The subscription prices are given in US dollars, which betrays the site's target market; much of the information provided will be well-known to people in this country.

There are several other sites online which deal with specific items of information about the Royal Family -- the UK Guide site provides a nice potted history of Buckingham Palace, for instance.

Finally, for up-to-date news about the Royal Family, Geraldine Calcutt-Voost maintains a list of current information online. This site appears to be updated most days and brings together Royal-related news stories from around the Net.

Official Royal Family site:

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UK Guide Buckingham Palace page:

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