Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Viruses are a part of the computer world, however unwanted. They are a bit of software specifically designed and written to affect your computer without your permission and to replicate and spread to others. Some viruses are benign, causing no real damage; others can cause significant damage to data, to the point where hard drives can be wiped.

The Love Bug, recently featured in the news, is one in a line of viruses designed to cause severe disruption to the general computer user. Even those with virus checking software cannot be fully protected as new viruses are not recognised. However there are steps you can take to maximise your safety.

There are lots of hoaxes around telling you not to open something because it is a virus. Remember not to believe all you are told (even in Blazon?!?) Virus hoaxes arguably cause as much hassle as real virus attacks. To tell the real thing from a fake - IBM run a hoax-busting web service:

A technical definition of a computer virus from one of the best definition pages on the Internet is at:

A complete history of the ILOVEU virus - the run-up, the actual attack, the response and the fall out including some useful links to articles about what to do to prevent attacks can be found at: