Customer Focus

Setting The (In)Pace

Long-standing Herald customers Inpace Ltd now have a fully-fledged online ordering system available at their web site. Customers can order from the full Inpace product range, including their keynote product the Keyboard Glove, a keyboard protector available for any keyboard (even custom-made, if needed).

Inpace's ordering system calculates VAT and shipping charges, then allows the customer a choice of entering their credit card details over a secure link or printing out an order form to send on to Inpace with a cheque (or with their credit card information if they'd prefer not to order online).

Training For Success

Have you been spurred on by the success of Britain's rowing crews at the Olympics? Whether you want to row yourself, or perhaps just to bring some of that team spirit into your management, Oxford-based Rowing & Training Services may be able to help.

R&TS, new customers here at Herald, offer a variety of management and personal training courses for different audiences. Along with a list of seminars aimed at boat clubs, they also present professional development courses for therapists, for care assistants.

Pieck A Print, Any Print...

West Barnes Enterprises have expanded and upgraded their ordering system for their range of Anton Pieck prints for paper tole and decoupage -- ordering online is simple.

The new site includes illustrations of all the available prints, both in thumbnail and enlarged formats, to help artists make their choices -- useful for an artist whose prints' appeal lies largely in their wealth of detail.


Originally published: October 2000 -- This page last updated: 9th February 2001