Customer Focus

Inpace Ltd

Inpace are the manufacturers of the Keyboard Glove keyboard protector; their Web page includes details of the functioning of the Glove along with some spectacular pictures of the Glove in action; have you ever spilled coffee on your keyboard and got away with it?

Jolly Good Communictions Group Ltd

Jolly Good Communications Group is currently made up of the three companies Networks Public Relations, Target News Networks and Context Translations. (A fourth is in the pipeline.)

Networks Public Relations has worked with companies such as Electrolux and Renault, and is dedicated to assisting international corporations and organisations with their communications requirements.

Target News Networks put together personalised lists of journalists and editors, or of financial analysts and institutional investors, for companies wishing to target their communications more precisely.

Lastly, Context Translations was formed as a reaction to the bad quality of many translations - they assure their customers that "At Context, we make sure your translations don't end up as a bad joke". They offer practically all the languages of the world.

C.P.U Finance Ltd

C.P.U Finance arrange leasing agreements for companies' computer hardware, software, service and training needs. All financing can be co-ordinated under one lease agreement, simplifying matters immensely. They are keen to contact both buyers who would like to arrange leasing and companies who would like to offer an independent finance package to their customers.

Unimedia Productions

Taking over from A-List Product Placement, Unimedia are using the Net to reach out to new bands from around the world who would like to make contacts in the UK and Europe.

Church House Bookshop

One of the largest Christian bookshops in the UK, Church House have taken up our offer of a free page of space for charities, with a view to expanding if the response to this page is good. Visitors can see what's selling well in the Bookshop on the run up to Christmas, and order copies of the catalogue via email.