Recommended Sites

These are some of the sites we've found interesting this month:

Web Tender: An Online Bartender

Have you ever wondered just how to mix a Grasshopper, how many different sorts of alcohol go into a Long Island Iced Tea, or precisely what spices and mixers you should use in a Bloody Mary? Help is at hand. The Web Tender, based in Norway, holds a huge database of drinks; if it doesn't have your favourite, you can add it.

NASA Shuttle Web

A site which is always popular is NASA's Shuttle Web. During Shuttle missions, it gives updates on the progress of the astronauts and the mission; at other times it remains one of the premier space information sites. We'd recommend it to all aspiring astronauts.

Worm World

From the heights to the depths; New Jersey Online's Worm World tells you everything you never wanted to know about worms. Not just earthworms, the site covers just about every other type of worm as well; it's part of what they call "The Yuckiest Site On The Internet" ... and we think they may well be right.

Web Tender:

NASA Shuttle Web:

Worm World: