Goodbye, GENUKI

At the start of June we said farewell to the GENUKI mailing list (the mailing list for UK and Ireland genealogy, and a mirror of the Usenet group) which we had hosted since last year; unfortunately, in that time the traffic had grown to over ten times the level which was present when we agreed to host the list, and it was likely to start affecting our server's performance if not moved elsewhere.

The new hosts of GENUKI are Apple Computers, who also host the majority of the other existing genealogical mailing lists covering other areas of the world.

We still provide copies of the information files that appear as regular postings on the list, covering topics such as how to begin to trace your family, how registration of births, marriages and deaths is handled in the UK, and how to use the various genealogical lists available. This information is available by FTP or over the Web; the index page can be found at