About the SA Wine FAQ

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions.

This FAQ covers South African Wines. The aim is to address issues like the history of wine making in South Africa, the regions where wine is grown, the various wines produced etc. We are also striving to present information to make drinking South African wine and visiting the South African winelands a more pleasant experience. It is not a commericial venture. We started it because we enjoy wine, want to know more about wine and want to share what we learn and experience with others. When we express an opinion, it is ours (don't take it as gospel!). If there are mistakes in the FAQ, we are mostly likely to be responsible for these too.

We have tried to pre-empt some faqs by giving details on issues we think people will be interested in but have also tried to answer various questions which have come up before. Our attempts at answering questions appear in the section which seems to be most logical (to us anyway). An example of this is the question, "What is pinotage?". An answer can be found in the Section on Cultivars and Blends.

Anyone who would like to contribute to this FAQ, or who spots any errors or omissions, or knows of any other internet resources is urged to get involved. Please e-mail one of us:

Ian Sanders, ian@cs.wits.ac.za
Sean Pyott, spyott@price-forbes.co.za