Cellar Management Software

A list of software which makes managing a wine cellar easier.

Cellar Solution
It comes with an up-to-date list South African wines and estates as a built in feature. More details (or an order form) from Sean Pyott of
          Specialist Software
          PO Box 88
          2118 CRESTA
          South Africa


His fax/telephone number is +27 11 477-7686. The price of the package is R100.00 for South Africa, R120.00 for Southern Africa or US$40.00 for anywhere else in the world. This price includes postage and packaging and the system comes with quite a nice easy manual.

WineBase for Windows
          Ken Tripp
          Almost Vertical Software Pty. Ltd.
          P.O. Box 221
          3193 Black Rock


The package costs A$50 (fifty Australian Dollars) or US$36 (thirty-six US Dollars) posted anywhere in the world.