Wine Industry Legislation

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What does the Wine of Origin Label (bus ticket) mean?
The wine of origin label guarantees that claims made on the label relating to origin, vintage, and/or cultivar are certifiably true.
Origin (Blue Band)
certifies that 100% of the wine derives from the indicated Region, District or Ward.
Vintage (Red Band)
certifies that at least 75% of the wine is made from grapes harvested in the indicated year.
Cultivar (Green Band)
certifies that the wine contains the required legal minimum percentage of the cultivar claimed and is characteristic of that cultivar in appearance, smell and taste.
certifies that the wine is made on the estate claimed and from grapes grown on that estate. The wine may have been bottled elsewhere.
as from March 1982 wines certified as Wine of Origin Superior (WOS) by the Wine and Spirit Board have been given a gold backed seal.
The vertical number on the bus ticket
an official identification number.
This legislation is no longer valid and the bus tickets have changed. Hopefully details will be supplied soon.