Reference Material

This section lists books, magazines, etc, which contain more information about the winemaking and wines in South Africa. Most of what appears in the other sections of the document comes from these sources. This material is cited where it is used.

This section also lists some web pages (both South African and international).

Books, Magazines, etc on South African Wine and Wine Making

  1. The Complete Book of South African Wine, Second Edition, David Hughes, Phyllis Hands and John Kench, Struik Publishers, Cape Town, 1988, ISBN 0 86977 636 3
  2. South African Wine, David Hughes, Phyllis Hands and John Kench, Struik Publishers, Cape Town, 1992, ISBN 1 86825 270 1
  3. John Platter's South African Wine Guide, John Platter, John and Erica Platter, Stellenbosch, ISBN 0 620 16887 0 (An edition every year)
  4. WINE, A Monthly Magazine, Subscription R58 per year (R88.50 for overseas. (Address PO Box 596, Howard Place, 7450, South Africa)
  5. The South African Wine Buyer's Guide, Dave Hughes, Struik Publishers, ISBN 0 86977 442 5 (An edition every year) (No longer published but old copies contain useful information).

Other Wine Pages

This section lists some links to other wine pages is a site dedicated to wine, wineries & wine related products.

The Grapevine - On-line Internet Wine Shop
A service offered by the ValueNet Corporation.

Jane Brook Estate Wines
A small winery from Western Australia.

Your Country Cellar
A web site offering South African wines for 7-10 day delivery anywhere in the USA or Europe.
An American page
The Stellenbosch Wine Route
The name says it all.
The Connoisseurs Wine Society
For South African wine information, wine purchases and The Connoisseurs Wine Club.
The Internet Wine Guide
A recently started Internet wine guide featuring a number of countries.