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Merchandise, Ordering and Miscellanea

Contents of Part 2:

  1. Firebird Arts
  2. Future Fantasy
  3. Other bookshops
  4. What is Filk anyhow?

Firebird Arts

Firebird Arts is as much a part of ML as her books. Apart from writing she is involved in writing FILK which you might have seen at the back of Arrow's Fall, Magic's Price and Oathbreakers.

Firebird Arts is also a great source for Lackey books, music, and other bits and bobs.

Firebird Arts:

                      Firebird Arts and Music
                      PO Box 30264
                      Portland, OR 97214

		      (503) 255-5751  info
		      (503) 255-5703) FAX
		      1-800 752-0494  order
ML tapes listed

Harpers, Heralds and Havoc [Songs from Arrows books]

	Lovers Untrue    	[Possibly as sung in Bardic Voices]
        Lizard Dreams    	[Gervaise the Lizard Wizard]
        Shin'a'in Song of the Seasons
        Snow Beast       	[The story Tarma uses to warn children about 
        Shin'a'in Warsong
        Gift of Amber    	[Tarma, pre-Swordsworn]
        Winds Four Quarters 	[The Swordsworn oath]
				[one of the commonly filked songs :-)]
        Oathbound        	[Tarma/Kethry duet]
        Hindsight        	[Tarma's spirit guide's story; cf Snow Beast]
        Advice to Young Magicians 	[Kethry, as in the book]
	The Price of Command
	Advice to Would-be Heroes 	[Tarma, as in the book]

Singers: Cecilia Eng, Leslie Fish [Young/sworn Tarma], Heather Alexander 
[Kethry], Larry Warner [Tarma's guide]

By the Sword 	[also available on CD, incl "Kerowyn's Ride"]

ShadowStalker 	[also available on CD]

Magic, Moondust and Melancholy 	[Mix of fantasy and SF]

	Signy Mallory [cf Chernyl's "Downbelow station"]
	Eumenides     [I have no definite reference for this, but possibly "Path 
         	      of the Fury" by Weber]
	Gil-Shalos    [Hambly's Darwath trilogy]
	Lammas Night
	Feline American Princess
	Winds Four Quarters [a better version IMVHO]
	Jirel of Joiry ["Jirel meets Magic" - now very hard to find]
	Kerowyn's Ride
	Of Cabbages

Freedom, Flight and Fantasy 	[also on CD; not just Valdemar songs]

Mercedes Lackey - Live! 	[Concert selection
				as from live performances, with 
				personal comments on the songs]

Note that Misty is not performing most of these songs - however she is singing the part of "Selenay" in HHH.

Other items

...include Gryphon mugs, T-shirts; Companion T-shirts, stationery, and a "Turn the page for a Companion" mug, as well as the HHH songbook and artwork from the books, also jewellery inspired by the books. Email for a free catalogue!

Future Fantasy

Future Fantasy are an online bookstore, based in the US. Jerry Cullingford reports:

Well, I've ordered stuff from the US; If you've got a WWW hookup, you might want to have a look at Future Fantasy's stuff at

You can search through their catalog and order stuff online; they'll work out the shipping costs and let you know, so you can decide whether you want the stuff sent airmail (uncheap but FAST) or surface (cheaper, but can you wait that long :-) ). At least in the UK, books don't get stuck with VAT or import duty.

Kim Morgan adds:

I always order my books from Future Fantasy and they offer a very good service. You can just email them what you require and they will email back the costs with the choice of air or sea mail. The sea mail is very cheap but takes about 5 - 6 weeks to arrive. If you are interested the email address is and the contact name is Jean.

Ian MacDonald also notes that Future Fantasy have a couple of covers from Misty's books which can be viewed online: those for Storm Warning and for Sacred Ground.

Other bookshops:

Info supplied by Helmut Geyer, from list posted by Evelyn Leeper. Edited for space by Melanie Dymond Harper (mostly editing out quotes, removing entry for Murder One/New Worlds since more accurate information available elsewhere, removing entry for Future Fantasy since it's dealt with above):

Dangerous Visions (13563 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks CA, +1 818-986-6963).
	Science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  Interesting selection of used
	hardcovers in good condition.  Gives 10% cash discount with purchase
	of "Club DV." Publishes newsletter (available for $2.50/year).  Does
	mail order.  GMT-8h  [Note: I have not heard the status of this
	store after the 1/17/94 quake, and Sherman Oaks was very hard-hit.
	If they are still operating, I encourage you to support them with
	your business.]

Other Change of Hobbit (2020 Shattuck Avenue at University Avenue, Berkeley
	CA, +1 510-848-0413; You can
	send them your want list and they will get back to you as things
	come in.  They ship worldwide.  GMT-8h

DreamHaven Books (1309 4th SE, Minneapolis MN, +1 612-379-8924).  Truly
	fantastic new and used SF, fantasy, horror selection.  Accepts
	telephone credit card orders.  Will ship worldwide.  GMT-6h?

Science Fiction Shop (168 Thompson btwn Houston and Bleeker, New York NY,
	+1 212-473-3010, FAX +1 212-475-9727).  The best selection of new
	SF books in town, and they have a used/half-price shelf.  Ships
	worldwide.  GMT-5h

At The Sign Of The Dragon (131, Sheen Lane, London, United Kingdom SW14,
	+44 81 876 3855; Mortlake BR station and walk south).  Run by
	Richard and Marion van der Voort, is a small shop with a good
	selection of titles.  They rival (often beat) Forbidden Planet in
	early stocking of titles, and are happy to reserve and special order
	books. Will ship worldwide.  GMT

Information from other sources:

Forbidden Planet Mail Order
71 New Oxford Street
Tel: +44 171 497 2150

(information from Mike Bernardi, 5/8/94)

Forbidden Planet
2/3 Teviot Place
Edinburgh EH1 2QZ

Tel: +44 31 225 8613

(information from Mike Richards, 28/2/94)

New Worlds  
71 - 73 Charing Cross Road 

Tel 071 734 3483 (or +44 71 734 3483 to those of you outside the 

If they answer the phone as "Murder One", no, you don't have the 
wrong place -- just ask for the SF lot downstairs. :) 

(information from Melanie Dymond Harper, 7/8/94)

What is Filk anyhow?

(Thanks to for the information below.)

Filk is fan produced music . . . authors and fans write music and lyrics on books thay've loved . . . normally it is sung at conventions into the wee small hours of the night, lustily, by folk who get the words from photocopied sheets . . .some are on tune, some not . . . -grin-

Firebird Art & Music is the place to find the filk Misty has written about Valdemar and other books she's read and written, as well as the work of other filkers!

You'll either love it or hate it- filk seems to not be a 'take it or leave it' sort of music. If you like folk music, you'll probably like filk, but no guarantees! Case in point- I love it enough to buy tonnes of the stuff, as well as a bowed psaltery to PLAY it at cons, while my better half rolls her eyes and stomps out of the room, to drown it out with some Stone Temple Pilots! :chuckle:

Hope I've Helped-


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