Mercedes Lackey Mailing List FAQ, part 5

Other Lackey-related groups


There are at least three (as at 24th May 1995).

Information from, who runs the AOL group;

Arrows OnLine meets every other Wednesday night in the Summer, every Wednesday the rest of the year. Meetings run, normally from 10 PM EDT to about 11:30PM and include club "business" (things like mentor programs, information spreading- the QO track at Dragon*Con, our newsletter, etc, voting on things) and a Topic for discussion.

Once a month we drag out the personas we created according to QO rules and have a Persona Party. NOT role playing, just hanging out in character . . .

there is a newsgroup "alt.books.m-lackey". Melissa Tabbifli ( keeps the FAQ for that group.

There is an online Queen's Own-related group on Genie, called `Modems of the Queen'. Both Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon have accounts on Genie. Contact or

A possible IRC channel has been suggested by Occasional IRC meetings have been held, and these are generally announced on the list ahead of time.


The official Mercedes Lackey fan club is "Queen's Own", which is run by Judith Louvis. Address below: contact her for more details.

Queen's Own
PO Box 132
NJ 08353

(information provided by Janna, 7th Feb 1994)

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