The Mercedes Lackey Mailing List

The Mercedes Lackey mailing list is run from this site (, using the Unix listproc software.

[@] How to subscribe
To subscribe to the list, send mail to with a blank Subject: line, and message body reading

	subscribe mercedes-lackey Vanyel Ashkevron
(assuming your name is Vanyel Ashkevron; if it isn't, substitute your own name instead).

It would be useful if, before posting to the list, you read the FAQ and also Auntie Mel's Rules Of Thumb for posting to the list.

[@] How to unsubscribe
To unsubscribe from the list, send mail to with a blank Subject: line, and message body reading

	unsubscribe mercedes-lackey
[@] List archives
The list archives are available, either by mail, by FTP or by WWW.

The digests are archived with filenames of the form:

where yymmdd is the date on which the digest was compiled, and n is the number of the digest.

[*] By mail:
Send mail to with a blank Subject: line and message body

	index mercedes-lackey
to see what files are available. When you have found the name of the file that you wish to retrieve, send more mail with message body

	get mercedes-lackey filename
(substituting the filename of your choice). Multiple files can be retrieved by including extra requests within the same message (although the files will be mailed out as separate messages).

[*] By FTP:

[*] By WWW:

[@] Old archives
The archives from the list's previous incarnation, at, will be made available as time permits. Some of them are already available via WWW or FTP at

16th May 1995: All of the archived files from the old list should now be available. Those digests numbered before 33 were compiled before the list was being archived and so they have not been saved. If anyone spots one missing after that, please let me know. -- MDH

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