[Dymond coat of arms] Dymonds on the Web

(Yes, that really is a Dymond coat of arms. I'm not quite sure what the arm at the top is supposed to signify ... )

[=] Well, first of all there's me.

As far as I know, none of these people are related to me, or indeed to each other.

[=] Jason Dymond studies corporeal theory (a link from his home page will tell you more).

[=] Patrick Dymond is a theoretical computer scientist (and a member of the ACM).

[=] Find out why Dymond Court, in Palo Alto, is so called.

[=] Why does the township of Dymond, in Ontario, have a 50K picture of a cow on its home page? Don't ask me.

[=] Skiing in Western Canada? Get more information from the guide coauthored by Robin Dymond.

[=] Here's another publication by a J. Dymond. I'm sure it's not Jason (above), nor my sister Jo -- anyone know?

[=] We get everywhere, even into Dr. Who -- Captain (new!) Lewis W. Dymond used to be the head of Frontier Airlines in the Rocky Mountain states in the US. The link tells you more about the airline's history.

[=] The US census data from 1990 shows that Dymond is the 20,272th most popular surname in the US. It's nice to be so popular :)

Last update: 16th June 1995.
Melanie Dymond Harper