Koora is the Exile Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr on DawnSisters MUSH, and rider of gold Etranth. She lives on the Buenos Aires along with the few other Fort riders who managed to get away when attacked.

Koora spends much of her time scheming to gain more power within the Exile faction, and indeed within Pern as a whole. She prefers covert to overt operation, although she has not been above occasional raids on Pern's surface in the past (though she would rather send others to do such dangerous work).

She despises the Renegade riders even more than most Exiles; she feels that they have demeaned themselves and all riderhood by putting themselves under the leadership of Lord Mica of Ista.

Revenge is rarely far from Koora's mind. As a Weyrwoman at Fort she was not known for her kindness nor for her sympathy, and her enforced exile has made her bitterness grow still more. She coexists uneasily with the Exile Weyrleader, L'sse; they were not the best of friends when leaders of Fort, and now that there is no longer a need to present even the semblance of a united front, their relationship has degenerated into open hostility. Etranth's infrequent flights make matters worse; Koora was (briefly) relieved that bronze Kireth and his rider K'rin won Etranth's last flight, although she dislikes K'rin's moderate views.

Koora is widely disliked, and sometimes feared, among the Exiles - she is thought of as lazy and arrogant, and her temper is known to be fierce, especially when Etranth is proddy or otherwise unhappy. Most of the Holders, Crafters and Renegades who have come into contact with her think of her as the epitome of what they hate most about riders.

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