Alien Limerick Generator

You probably don't want to hear about the sordid history of such an item, but I'll tell you anyway ...

Once upon a time, there was YakMUSH. And we were sitting around chatting one day, about Ellen and Jim's idea for a new MUSH, when Ellen produced this list of syllables she'd grabbed and proposed to use for the language of one of the races on the new site.

That list spawned three or four slightly strange applications. One of those was the Alien Word Generator, and out of that sprang the Alien Limerick Generator.

Yes, they will always rhyme. No, they shouldn't repeat. Yes, they are freshly generated every time (which is one reason why you may have to press the button a couple of times if the machine on which they're generated is particularly busy).

Yes, I do realise I am a sad, strange little woman. (with apologies to Toy Story).


24th May '96: (v 1.1) I think I have now fixed the bug which was causing the generator to occasionally (a) core dump, (b) return something which didn't rhyme. If you receive a defective limerick, please do feel free to tell me. :)

Coming soon: Alien Sonnet Generator, Alien Haiku Generator, Alien Complete-Works-Of-Shakespeare Generator ... well, maybe.

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