From our hotel room (sixteenth floor), 5 am

... and at 7 am

Cthulhu In Class: the good guys (L-R: The Janitor; The GM; The School Nurse; The Cheerleader; The Clumsy Guy; The Hood)

Cthulhu In Class: the bad guys (L-R: Nameless Evil; The Principal; The Irate Parent; The Dodgy Teacher; The Latin Teacher behind the camera)

"You clean up that slime RIGHT NOW or it's detention for you..."

"Pardon me boys, is this the lair of Great Cthulhu..."

"Cthulhu. Dude."

The Red Dragon: progress, day 2

The Red Dragon: progress, day 2

Gamers, gamers everywhere...

... and still they come

There were measured doses available for those who just couldn't live without City Of Heroes

In the trade hall

"This isn't the lightsabre you're looking for. Move along."

Just one of the things which wouldn't fit in the hand luggage

Chaosium tempted us with many things (though possibly not the booth personnel)

The World's Biggest Dungeon. (Yes, of course we bought a copy.)

"Moving, just keep moving..."

"...'til I don't know where I am..."

Blurred Bob (R.A.) Salvatore at the 30th Anniversary Celebrity Panel

"Let the dice fall where they may..."

The Red Dragon: progress continues (later on day 2)

Back at the hotel - just can't get away from the gamers

And more stuff which won't fit into the cases

Live "Knights Of The Dinner Table" reading (audience participation)

More live KODT: Jolly Blackburn is second from right

We came; we saw; we did a little shopping

Life Size Witch Trial: would you buy a used witch from this man?

Defending Sneed The Grouch against a charge of Frowning turns out to be a tad tricky

The Red Dragon: complete on Day 4

The Red Dragon: complete on Day 4

The Red Dragon: complete on Day 4

Reliving his youth: The Lost Caverns Of Tsojcanth on display

From 1974...

... to 2004

... the history of D&D on display

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