[picture of Mitzi]

Mitzi had to be put to sleep on 11th July 1999. I'll probably take this page down eventually. -- Mel

Meow! As second-in-command and official mascot of Herald Information Systems, I take my duties extremely seriously. Here you can see me supervising the construction of this page as I sit in my favourite chair; the fact that it is also Mel's favourite chair is, of course, of no consequence whatsoever. I sometimes allow her to sit there while I take refuge on Graham's lap, usually while he is attempting to read, work or eat dinner.

Of course, life isn't all strokes, purrs, and tins of highly expensive cat food (I don't eat anything else. Nothing but the best). My devoted slaves rescued me from Battersea Dogs' Home in April 1994, where I had been left. They don't know anything about my previous owners, and I'm not telling - I like it better here. I was slightly disappointed when the slaves didn't give me a new name, but since I made the mistake of responding to "Mitzi" I was stuck with it. I was hoping for something a little more classy, perhaps "She Who Must Be Obeyed" or "Mistress of All She Surveys".


A (46K GIF) picture of Whiskers, who owns the parents of my female slave. She is quite old and creaky these days (aged 20), but still manages to find the patches of sun on their lounge floor.

Ahhh. Video for cats.

One of my favourite Torties, Calicos and Tricolour Cats FAQ.

I'm not often sick, but my slaves find the NetVet - Cat Home Page most interesting.

That nice Mr. Yahoo has put together a list of other other cats with home pages. He has included me among them, for which I feel most honoured.

I'm quite fond of the occasional saucer of milk.

Some other friends of mine can be found on the Net when they're not tackling the important job of training their humans: