Genealogy Online

Herald Information Systems is now hosting the GENUKI mailing list, which is the email version of the Usenet group; this group was recently created to provide a central point of contact for people attempting to trace ancestors in the UK or in Ireland.

The mailing list is provided for those people who, although they have email access to the Net, do not have access to Usenet news. Currently there are about 600 people receiving the digest (batches of articles from the newsgroup) and approximately 70 who just receive an index of the articles which have been posted - they can then retrieve the relevant digest if there were articles of interest to them.

The GENUKI archives contain many files of useful information to genealogists researching connections in this area; they range from basic guides to starting research into your family history, to more specialised information such as lists of inscriptions from specific graveyards. They are available at

There are many other groups online for people wishing to trace their ancestry; soc.genealogy.surnames is the Usenet group for people seeking occurrences of a particular name, perhaps ober a wide area, while there are several groups specific to a single geographic area, such as, for those who are looking for information within certain countries. Since these groups are available worldwide, they can be a great help to people attempting to trace ancestry in a country other than their own.

[Editor's note: as of June 1996 the GENUKI lists have moved again; see this article for more details.]