Server Schizophrenia

So you've decided that your business would benefit from a presence on the World Wide Web, and you want to do something more than just a simple page; you'd like your very own site, Does this mean you need to run your own machine, your own line, your own Web server?

Not necessarily, no. One of the services we offer as part of our Extended Service [note: and now to all our customers] is to have your own domain name registered for you (that's the part), and host it on our server. This means that our machine will act just as though it was really called, and when someone tells their browser to look at, it will be your pages that they see there (not ours). Those of you with Web access can point your browsers at to see this in action -- the Jolly Good Communications Group Ltd (see Customer Focus for more about them) are the first to take up this facility.

This gives you a simpler URL (Universal Resource Locator; for instance, . See issue 1 of Blazon for details on how to interpret URLs). It also means that, should you wish to set up your own server at a future date, it will be a simpler matter to transfer your pages on to the new server, and your URL will not need to change.

Not everybody will need their own domain, but if you think it could be useful, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.