UK Domain Name Registration Changes

As from August 1st [1996], the rules for registering domains within the UK name space (, and so forth) will be changing slightly.

At the moment there is no centralised charging for it, allowing each ISP to charge as they wish for their time and trouble. As from August 1st, there will be an initial registration charge and an annual renewal charge, payable to Nominet, which is the body which has been set up to oversee the allocation of names within these domains.

There will be a discount on the charges for providers who join Nominet; Herald intends to do this shortly, so that we will be able to offer registrations to you more cheaply than if you were to do it directly. As soon as the new charges are finalised, we will let you know. [Now see our information page for current rates.]

Note that this will not affect our existing customers who have registered their own domains; we will not be passing on the renewal charges for their domains to them, as it would be unfair to change the manner in which they were charged.

Don't forget that we can also handle registrations in the .com domain for you; there are no discounts available in this case, unfortunately. We charge £80 for initial registration in the .com domain, and £40 renewal in the third and subsequent years (the first payment covers the first two years). Should you wish us to provide name service for your domain -- and this includes mail forwarding for that domain -- there is an additional charge of £5 per month.

We expect there to be a good deal of interest in registering domains in the UK after the deadline, as some of the restrictions previously in place covering the choice of domains will have been removed. If you've been thinking of registering your own domain, you should contact us as soon as possible to make sure that you get the name you want.