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We specialize in providing Internet resources and marketing to smaller businesses and organisations who do not have the equipment, the know-how or just the time to do it themselves. We will set up Web pages, make information available for FTP, run mailing lists - whatever you think would be useful for your business. We will also publicise your Internet presence in appropriate ways and perform maintenance as necessary.

Specific Services

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Web Design, Hosting and Publicity

The core of our business. We provide a fully-managed service for our clients, from the initial concept and design of their site, through its construction and announcement, and on to maintenance and continuing online publicity.

We run these services from our own site, so we can make changes or additions very quickly, adding flexibility and timeliness to your marketing strategy.

For those businesses wishing to accept enquiries and/or orders online (which is likely to be most businesses setting up a Web site), we can set up an electronic mailbox on our system if required. Queries received electronically can be passed on to a business either to an existing e-mail address, by fax or by post. (We will warn people that a query will be sent by post, since it will obviously slow down the response time.)

Our prices will vary according to the service provided, but a basic Web page (approximately two to four A4 pages of text, one or two pictures and up to 0.5Mb of FTP space), including appropriate publicity and maintenance, costs £20 + VAT per month. Larger or multiple pages will of course be slightly more expensive. We offer discounts to charities and non-profit-making organisations; such bodies may have a basic Web page free of charge, and should contact us to find out rates for other services.

Secure Server Space

We run a secure Web server, offering secure hosting facilities for those customers wishing to accept orders or other sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, online. Please contact more-info@herald.co.uk for more details about this service.

Domain Name Registration

.com, .org, .net domain prices reduced again as from 1/1/2001

We offer domain name registration services under the .com, .org and .uk top-level domains (other top-level domains by arrangement). This allows our clients to use a URL of the form http://www.yourcompany.co.uk/ or http://www.yourcompany.com/ rather than being under the http://www.herald.co.uk hierarchy. Registration for .com, .net or .org domains, along with domains under .uk costs £25 + VAT for the first two years, which includes all fees payable to the relevant registry. This cost includes "parking" your domains on our nameservers. If you'd like to use them for email (see mail forwarding, below) the cost will be £5 + VAT per month, if paid quarterly, or £45 for the full year; using your domain for a World Wide Web site costs £5 + VAT per month on top of the usual hosting charges, and also includes mail forwarding.

Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding means that we will forward (reasonable amounts of) mail sent to that domain to one or more existing email addresses on other systems (for instance, someone with an account at Compuserve and a registered domain of mycompany.com might want all mail sent to user@mycompany.com forwarded to his Compuserve account).The standard £5 + VAT per month or £45 + VAT per year charge covers forwarding to up to ten specified mail addresses (one of which can be a "catch-all" address to receive all email not directed elsewhere); further addresses are charged at an additional £5/month.

Internet Consultancy

We provide general Internet consultancy for companies unsure about their requirements or who are considering setting up their own server. We specialize in Internet security issues and assessment.

Digital Certificates

As the UK agents for Thawte Consulting, a leading supplier of digital certificates, we're happy to advise you on how to obtain a digital certificate and which of Thawte's product range would best suit your needs. We have provided some guidelines as to the documentation that we will need from organisations applying for a certificate. Please feel free to call or email if you have questions.

All prices include a newsletter, Blazon, reporting on usage of the service, new clients, future activities and Internet-related news which may be relevant to our clients.

For further information on any of our services, please email more-info@herald.co.uk

We hope that we can help you!

Melanie Dymond Harper
Herald Information Systems

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