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26th October 2001:
Arnsby Crafts site updated.

25th October 2001:
Newly redesigned Inpace Ltd site now live.

17th October 2001:
New site for Elixir de Beauté now operational.

25th July 2001:
New Clipframes site for West Barnes Enterprises now operational.

7th June 2001:
Partners for Change site updated (their latest set of seminars has taken place)

29th May 2001:
Surrey Air Conditioning Ltd site updated.

24th May 2001:
Partners for Change site updated (their latest set of seminars has taken place)

31st March 2001:
Call Centre Selection site now inactive (company has ceased trading)

11th March 2001:
Rowing & Training Services site updated.

8th March 2001:
Inpace Ltd site updated.

13th September 2000:
Inpace Ltd site updated.

12th September 2000:
Arnsby Crafts site updated.

6th September 2000:
Call Centre Selection site updated.

6th August 2000:
Rowing & Training Services site updated.

13th July 2000:
Live Aid site updated (it being the fifteenth anniversary of the show).

13th June 2000:
Two more of Partners for Change's seminar series have taken place and now have their slides online.

2nd June 2000:
Rowing & Training Services site goes live.

1st June 2000:
West Barnes Enterprises now have a fully illustrated online ordering system for the range of Anton Pieck prints that they stock.

10th May 2000:
Reigate and Banstead Borough Council's site has gained "Bobby Approval", which means that it has been checked and found to conform to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

10th May 2000:
Epic Experience site updated.

8th May 2000:
More slides from Partners for Change's seminar series now online.

18th April 2000:
Recent issues of Blazon now available online; issues 17 and 18.

17th April 2000:
A change to Thawte's procedures; authorisation letters for their digital certificates are now handled on-line.

3rd April 2000:
Diplomatic Guide Services site updated; they are now offering walking tours as well as driving tours.

31st March 2000:
Partners for Change site updated to include slides from their ongoing seminar series.

27th March 2000:
CPU Finance site now moved elsewhere.

26th March 2000:
We've moved! Our new address is on the Contact page. Phone and fax numbers remain the same.

1st March 2000:
Edge Events site updated with details of the forthcoming Edge "MASTERS" Forum.

29th February 2000:
PC Association site now moved elsewhere.

27th February 2000:
Partners for Change site updated to include new press releases and new articles from their newsletter.

21st January 2000:
Partners for Change site updated to include details of the advice they can offer regarding Shared Services Centres.

22nd December 1999:
West Barnes Enterprises page updated with Christmas/New Year/Holiday opening times.

16th December 1999:
Edge Events site now updated.

10th December 1999:
Slides from Melanie Dymond Harper's talk of 8/12/1999 at Herts University now available online.

6th December 1999:
Partners for Change have been ranked 38th in the 1999 Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 listing.

23rd November 1999:
Partners for Change site updated to include details of their Value Sourcing and ERP Benefits Realisation services.

25th October 1999:
CPU Finance Ltd site updated -- buy your accidental damage, theft or breakdown insurance online!

22nd September 1999:
West Barnes Enterprises page updated (now includes clipframe pricing information)

1st September 1999:
Prices for registration of co.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk and plc.uk domains have dropped again (now £25 + VAT)

26th August 1999:
We have put up some guidelines as to the paperwork required for companies or organisations applying for a Thawte digital certificate.

1st August 1999:
Books for Business site now offline.

20th July 1999:
Personal Computer Association site updated (members list updated).

13th July 1999:
It is with regret that we announce the passing of the Herald Information Systems mascot, Mitzi.

13th July 1999:
Diplomatic Guides site updated.

2nd July 1999:
Partners for Change site updated to include details of their Internal Consultancy and Project Support service.

24th June 1999:
Conexus are now hosting their site in-house.

10th June 1999:
Epic Experience site updated.

9th June 1999:
Edge Events site updated.

8th June 1999:
Call Centre Selection site goes live.

7th June 1999:
Partners for Change site updated to include more details about their Knowledge Management activities.

1st June 1999:
Crosscuts site now inactive.

9th May 1999:
Greenweld Electronic Components have now ceased trading, their site is therefore inactive.

8th May 1999:
Diplomatic Guides site updated.

27th March 1999:
Our response to the Government's latest consultation paper on electronic commerce ('Building Confidence in Electronic Commerce - A Consultation Document', issued 5th March 1999) is now available online. A response to an earlier paper ('Licensing of Trusted Third Parties for the Provision of Encryption Services', issued in 1997) is also available.

20th March 1999:
CrossCuts site updated (new postal address).

18th March 1999:
Diplomatic Guides site goes live.

17th March 1999:
Personal Computer Association site updated (new sponsor).

11th February 1999:
Partners for Change site goes live.

4th February 1999:
Brocade's page updated (new special offer)

27th January 1999:
Undying King Games are now accepting credit card payments via their secure page.

23rd December 1998:
Books for Business site updated.

21st December 1998:
The Personal Computer Association site goes live.

9th December 1998:
Details of CPU Finance's new CPUser 24 hour support line now available.

1st December 1998:
CrossCuts site goes live.

17th November 1998:
Church House Publishing have taken their website in-house; it's moved to http://www.chpublishing.co.uk/.

11th November 1998:
Edge Events site goes live.

11th November 1998:
Conexus Ltd site updated.

10th November 1998:
South African Wine FAQ updated with new version.

9th November 1998:
Site revamped!

5th November 1998:
Jolly Good Communications Group Ltd site amended (Target News Networks no longer operational)

3rd November 1998:
West Barnes Enterprises Annual Sale later this week.

28th September 1998:
Conexus Ltd site goes live.

10th August 1998:
Inpace Ltd site updated.

3rd August 1998:
Undying King Games site goes live.

3rd August 1998:
Surrey Clinic site updated. Why not try their Stress Monitor?

3rd August 1998:
Quintus Services site updated.

29th July 1998:
Inside Training site goes live.

24th July 1998:
CPU Finance Ltd have been appointed the official provider of insurance products to the Personal Computer Association and its members.

10th July 1998:
New bulletin added to Church House site.

26th June 1998:
Surrey Clinic site updated (details of courses and publications available)

5th June 1998:
Epic Experience site updated.

28th May 1998:
Books for Business site goes live.

12th May 1998:
New prices for domain registration and domain "parking" on our information page.

7th May 1998:
Surrey Clinic site goes live.

20th April 1998:
Quintus Services site goes live.

13th April 1998:
Greenweld Electronic Components page updated.

24th March 1998:
New expanded Inpace site now online.

19th January 1998:
Church House's pages now include a printable order form for more convenient ordering by fax or post.

24th December 1997:
Blazon 16 now online. Happy Christmas to all our visitors!

21st October 1997:
Church House have expanded their pages to include all of their current catalogue.

10th October 1997:
C.P.U Finance Ltd. now have their newsletter on their site.

16th September 1997:
Canarias site has lots of new information about the Canary Islands.

15th May 1997:
Reigate and Banstead Borough Council's new site, designed and maintained by Herald, goes live.

1st May 1997:
C.P.U Finance Ltd pages now include a downloadable Lease Cost Calculator for suppliers, but ask suppliers to register first. They are also looking for people to join their team; see their recruitment page.

3rd April 1997:
Updated email address on Inpace's page.

12th February 1997:
Church House page updated - they now have access to email, so the contact details have changed.

31st January 1997:
Lower prices for domain registration under .uk now available; see our information page for details.

6th January 1997:
Live Aid page updated (mostly cleaning up dead links, some new ones added)

25th October 1996:
Updated our Services page.

17th October 1996:
Added "Auntie Mel's Rules of Thumb", a guide to mailing list etiquette originally written for the Mercedes Lackey mailing list, to the Local Links section.

15th October 1996:
The archives for our newsletter, Blazon, are now online.

15th October 1996:
Added What's New page.

26th September 1996:
CAMRA ELAC pages now at http://www.pigsear.org.uk/

19th September 1996:
Online ordering system for West Barnes Enterprises' range of Anton Pieck prints goes live.

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