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Last Updated: Sun 4 Jun, 1995

_Oathbound_ (tape only)


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Jerry Cullingford( Overall, this is one of my favourite tapes - I especially like the Shin'a'in songs, particularly Song of the Seasons and Winds four Quarters (I like the touch with the bells). Lizard Dreams is a nice fun song, and Gift of Amber is an excellent lyrical finish to the first side - and a strong contrast to Winds Four Quarters which leads off the second side. Snow Beast is one those catchy songs that you'll find yourself humming for months.

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Cover Art

This is based on the book cover by Jody Lee. If anything, it works better on the tape, because you can see all of it at the same time, instead of half on the back of the book.

Track list

Side 1

  1. Lovers Untrue

  2. Tale'sedrin

  3. Lizard Dreams

  4. Shin'a'in Song of the Seasons

  5. Snow Beast

  6. Shin'a'in Warsong

  7. Gift Of Amber

Side 2
  1. Winds Four Quarters

  2. Oathbound

  3. Hindsight

  4. Advice to Young Magicians

  5. The Price of Command

  6. Advice to Would be Heroes

Tape Credits

Writers: All songs by Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish except Snow Beast and Hindsight by Fish

Producer: Teri Lee

Engineer: Teri Lee, Mike Demmers

Percussion Arrangements: Brian Rice

Arrangements: Cecelia Eng, Leslie Fish

Midi Programming: Cecilia Eng, Teri Lee

Cover Art: Jody Lee Young Tarma: Cecelia Eng

Swordsworn Tarma: Leslie Fish

Kethry: Heather Alexander

Tarma's Spirit Guide: Larry Warner

Other Performers: Greg Shaver,Tom Payne, Brian Rice,Meg Heydt

(P)(C) 1990 Firebird Arts & Music Inc., BMI

P.O. 14785, Portland OR 97212 USA

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Jerry Cullingford