Anndora of Fort Weyr (on PernMUSH) is Annilith's daughter by some holder all concerned have forgotten. She knew D'riana as her beloved "Daddy Dor". She's just Turned eighteen, cheerful, managing, and bright. She's much more recovered from D'riana's death than her mother is. Partly as a result of one of her two firelizards being Threadscored and partly as a result of her Daddy's death and her mother's trauma, she adamantly doesn't want to be a dragonrider when she grows up. She gives as her reason that she doesn't want to make a dragon get hurt. She seems relatively unafraid of getting hurt herself, getting into more than her share of mischief. Presently, she wants to be Headwoman when she grows up.

She has finished all her Teaching Ballads, and has been promoted to a junior Assistant Headwoman position. She spends a good deal of her time working with the older Records, copying those that are becoming illegible and researching the needs of Fort in years gone by.

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