Annilith and Hinseth

Annilith is the rider of blue Hinseth at Fort Weyr on PernMUSH. Initially an apprentice in the Starsmith Craft along with her sister Talith, she stood for Impression at Benden Weyr (unsuccessfully) and then moved to Fort Weyr, where she impressed blue Hinseth.

After various temporary liaisons with other riders and/or whoever happened to be handy when Hinseth failed to fly a green, she formed a more permanent bond with D'riana, rider of green Tayefeth. They raised Annilith's daughter Anndora together for a number of Turns, until D'riana was killed in Threadfall.

She has held various posts at Fort Weyr, including a stint as Assistant Weyrlingmaster and as the Wingsecond of Dawnguard Wing. She resigned from the latter post following a particularly disastrous Threadfall not long after D'riana's death; she froze during the fall, and her inaction and that of her Wingleader caused some deaths and many injuries. She did not fly for many months after that, partly because Hinseth was also injured and partly out of sheer terror. After months of counselling from other riders and from the Healercraft, she has now resumed flying Falls, but is most certainly not the sociable and free-spirited woman she once was.

Recently she has been promoted once more, taking over the vacant Wingleadership of Skysentry Wing. Some would say that her hair has grown greyer by the day ever since ...

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