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These photos were taken at the Landing Party (London, UK, 17th February 1996) and afterwards, Wolf 359 (Blackpool, UK, 7-10 June 1996), Babcom '96 (London, UK, 22-23rd June 1996), Wolf 359: The Security Party (London, UK, 28 September 1996) and Wolf 359: The MindScan (London, UK, 10 November 1996).

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The Landing Party

wasser1.jpg: Ed Wasser at the Landing Party signing session.
wasser2.jpg: Ed Wasser on stage at the Landing Party.
wasser3.jpg: Ed Wasser on stage again

After the Landing Party

biggs1.jpg: Richard Biggs
biggs2.jpg: Richard Biggs (again)
biggs3.jpg: Richard Biggs (er, not much to differentiate these three :))

Wolf 359

jms1.jpg: The Great Maker, between interviews in the lobby at Blackpool.
jms2.jpg: JMS answering questions in the lobby.
mumyfurs.jpg: Bill Mumy and Stephen Furst: Vir and Lennier getting friendly ...
furst.jpg: Stephen Furst, autograph session
andreas2.jpg: Andreas Katsulas at the UK Babylon 5 Fan Club meeting held during Wolf
group2.jpg: Andreas Katsulas, Bill Mumy, Bruce Boxleitner and Stephen Furst taking questions from the audience. (JMS is out of shot to the right.)
clap2.jpg: The closing ceremony at Wolf 359; what the stars thought of the audience.

Babcom '96

andrea.jpg: Andrea Thompson at just the wrong moment :)
andreas.jpg: Andreas Katsulas sings.
biggscar.jpg: Richard Biggs and Jason Carter share a relaxing moment on the Babcom couch.
biggscc.jpg: "It's not good for you, you know, Claudia."
cc.jpg: Claudia Christian; Babcom signing session
cc2.jpg: "More men sending me their underwear?"
cc3.jpg: Ivanova may be God, but she can still pull funny faces.
cc4.jpg: This one's not quite as good as the rest, but I was feeling completist :)
ccmira.jpg: Claudia and Mira discuss ... who knows.
doyle.jpg: "So then this guy comes up to me and says, 'Hey, did anyone ever tell you that you look just like Bruce Willis?'"
doyletho.jpg: The happy couple.
group.jpg: Group shot from Babcom
jason.jpg: Jason Carter: Babcom signing session
mira.jpg: Mira Furlan tries to remember how to write in Minbari
mira2.jpg: Mira during her talk
three.jpg: Two Aliens and a Junkie :)

Wolf 359: The Security Party

jcbrown2.jpg: Julie Caitlin Brown
jcbrown3.jpg: Julie with her guitar.
mohare1.jpg: Michael having trouble with his microphone
mohare2.jpg: Michael in "hunted-rabbit" pose.

Wolf 359: The Mindscan

pat1.jpg: Pat Tallman signing autographs
pat2.jpg: "Of course, his real name isn't Kosh, it's Snow White ..."
pat3.jpg: "Oh no it isn't ... oh yes it is!"
pat4.jpg: Pat stands to attention
pat5.jpg: "Who, me, a rogue telepath? You must be mistaken."

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